Check on the children

I just recently watched “Katrina Babies”, on @hbo. And, it broke my heart to hear the young adults speak. They talked about never being asked how they felt when they were kids. They dealt with tremendous loss, uprooted lives, and being considered refugees. It was the hardest time in their lives and no one EVER asked how they felt. They received no clinical assistance.

Myron and I are extremely blessed to have an emotionally intelligent, smart, and articulate young lady for a daughter. But, even in that she is grieving too. She’s still a child. She has experienced a tremendous loss. She loves her mother, but adored, loved, and respected her daddy!

It’s in a crowded room, while decorating a Christmas tree, while eating great food…where grief hits. It’s unpredictable. It’s debilitating. It’s sudden.

In these moments, we stop. We take a break. We acknowledge the pain and sadness. We cry. We let her just be. Kids grieve too.

Please ensure that you let them process their emotions. Don’t shut them down. Please ensure that they also are in REGULAR therapy. Listen. Have a strong support system that can also help with whatever they need. Communication is key. Our friends understand, that these moments are not personal to them. She just misses her daddy. 🥺🥺

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